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Throughout the years, many teachers, parents and students have enjoyed the reading of the LectoCultura books and they have some good testimonies about them.

Teachers and Parents

Allison Williamsom 


As a parent, I was delighted to watch my child develop his Spanish reading skills through the LectoCultura books by Olga Diaz. He formed a connection with the family of characters and was always eager to get to the next book. When he was asked what his favorite book was, he chose one of the books from the series as his favorite! It was less of a challenge to remind him to read each night because he actually wanted to show me which book he was on. He enjoyed his collection of books and he would line them up in order. He was proud of his progress and asked to read the whole series over again when he finished. We looked forward to the continuation of the series after he completed the first set. 


The book series offers exposure to culture and practice with language skills. The comprehension questions help to gauge the reader’s understanding. His reading experience with the LectoCultura books resulted in an enjoyment of reading. 


My son is now in middle school and he still remembers reading these books when he was younger. He continues to use the Spanish language in school and he loves to travel to Spanish speaking countries, just like the boy in the story!


Vanessa Almonte


I've had the pleasure to work with the fonocultura book series for seven years now, and year after year I am more convinced of the high quality and attention to detail that the sequence of these book series follows. My students are highly engaged by the story of “La familia Lara” and I love how it contains open syllables, blended syllables and inverse syllables. The students highly enjoy these books and feel confident as their fluency and comprehension progresses. As their teacher, I am glad to support my students with books truly leveled for students learning Spanish as their second language and created by a native speaker that understands how to meet students needs.

Stephanie Menge


We are so pleased with the Lectocultura reading program! Both of my daughters have been reading the Lectocultura book series for several years. I have noticed significant improvement in both of their reading skills through Sra. Diaz’s reading cycle. This cycle is implemented in a way that is easy to follow and leads to great success. The students begin by familiarizing themselves with the book vocabulary through picture cards, followed by activities to help prepare, next they do syllable practice of vocabulary found throughout the book, then comes the reading and comprehension portions of the program, the book of activities, and finally, a game online to practice vocabulary. The MorfoCultura series has an assessment at the end of the cycle.My youngest daughter, specifically, was struggling with letter and sound recognition while in her young 5’s Spanish Immersion class. She began working with Sra. Diaz using the Lectocultura reading cycle and we immediately saw improvement. A year later, she has far surpassed even our biggest hopes or expectations. She is thriving in her Spanish Immersion program and has so much confidence during her reading time at school. None of this would have happened without Sra. Diaz and Lectocultura. We are so grateful!

Students' testimonies

The students that are reading or have read the LectoCultura books don't have many words, but they cherish lots of meaningful memories.


4th grade

Hi , mi name is Analees Miller and I’m a 4th Grader.  I been reading and enjoying all of Señora Diaz books since I was in Preschool, and I even learned how to read using her books . I love Señora Diaz books! They are fun and full of Culture .  I enjoy the Characters , stories and how educational they are.

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