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FONOCULTURA PACKAGE (Books 1-30 for Kindergarten)



Fonocultura packages - Levels A, B and C

SKU: 364215375135191

    • 30 colored books (books 1 to 30, levels A, B and C).
    • Binder with 30 black and white books for take-home copies.
    • 15 copies of books of activities.
    • Small letter cards.
    • Physical syllable cards for each book.
    • Physical and online picture cards for each book.
    • 6 syllabic and word dividers, and 6 writing sheets.
    • Teacher's guide with preparation instructions for each of the books.
    • Sheet with QR codes to access preparation cards and sheets, tutorials for teachers, and games.

    Note: The sheet also includes QR codes to purchase more books of activities if necessary,  songs, video books and souvenirs.

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